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Starfield pre-loads are now live

Starfield is currently the top-selling game on Steam with fans of Bethesda's previous games flooding in with pre-orders. If you're looking to play the game as soon as possible, then you'll be happy to learn that pre-loading is now live.  You could already preload the Game Pass version of the …

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Blizzard games are finally coming to Steam

After spending years away from the platform, Activision finally announced that it would bring all future published titles to Steam. This began with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II late last year and since then we have seen a number of missing Activision titles added to the platform. Now, the other half of the publisher – Blizzard – is following suit, starting with Overwatch 2.

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Nintendo targets Steam with fresh DMCA strike to remove Dolphin Emulator

Nintendo has become increasingly concerned about emulation recently, with devices like the Steam Deck providing convenient ways for players to access old and new Nintendo content. Previously, Nintendo issued DMCA strikes against videos showcasing Steam Deck emulation, as well as a tool that allows people to add custom artworks to their Steam library. Now, Nintendo is issuing a DMCA takedown against Valve itself with the hopes of getting the Dolphin emulator booted from Steam. 

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PC ports of PlayStation titles will launch 2-3 years after initial release

With the PS5 generation we have seen Sony take an interest in the PC gaming space, having ported a number of PlayStation exclusives to the platform in recent years. That said, unlike Microsoft, there has been an extended lag between when a game launches on PlayStation and its eventual PC release. Now, SIE CEO Jim Ryan has claimed that PC ports will release 2-3 years after their launch on PS5.

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Steam now offering timed trials for games, starting with Dead Space

Steam has always been one of the most consumer-friendly platforms in gaming, with a relatively generous refund policy put in place for all potential purchases. That said, it seems as though Valve is testing out a new feature: free timed-trials for full releases. This can be seen with 2023’s Dead Space Remake – letting you now play the game for an hour and a half for free.

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