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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Season 2 officially detailed

Despite the less-than-stellar reception towards Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the team promised that they would at the very least commit to offering a full year of post-launch support for the game. Following the middling release of Season 1 back in March, Kill the Justice League’s second season has now been officially detailed.

Making the announcement on Instagram, the official Suicide Squad page gave us our first look at the game’s second season, saying “Ice to meet you, Mrs. Freeze. Season 2 of #SuicideSquadGame arrives July 11th.”

As with the first season, this upcoming update will bring with it a new playable villain in the form of Mrs. Freeze. Beyond this, the season will be split up into two episodes, with Episode 3 (following on from last season) introducing new Infamy weapon sets and Notorious gear in the form of the Killer Frost Infamy set; Firefly Notorious and Parasite Notorious Melee.

Additionally, Episode 3 will include an Elseworlds Mayhem map as well as a Superman and Flash Brainiac fight – and of course as expected a new Battle Pass.

Episode 4 will offer more of the same pretty much, with additional Infamy sets and Notorious gear, another Brainiac boss fight and some new incursions.

While none of the announced features are likely to make a dent in the perception surrounding Kill the Justice League, it will allow future players who are experiencing it for the first time – removed of all the controversy and backlash – to have a more content-rich experience.

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