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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets 9th major City update

Despite the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to release in just a few months, the team at Asobo Studio are continuing to add new features and improvements to 2020’s MSFS – with City Update 9 bringing a revamp of the Northeastern United States.

Making the announcement on their blog, the MSFS team satated: “Microsoft Flight Simulator: City Update IX highlights select locations throughout the northeastern United States with updated aerial imagery, new digital elevation models, and TIN (triangulated irregular network) surface texturing.”

In particular, the update brings improvements to “the Washington, DC region; Buffalo, New York; Allentown, Pennsylvania area; and the East End of Long Island, New York.”

Considering the fact that Asobo are continuing to bring major updates and improvements to Flight Simulator despite the impending release of its successor, it is safe to assume that most if not all of these prior updates will be applied to Flight Sim 2024 – serving more like a massive expansion compared to a whole new from-the-ground-up game.

We will have to wait and see, but until then, there is more than ever to explore in Flight Simulator 2020.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this latest update? Are you excited for Flight Sim 2024? What cities would you like to see added upon in the sequel? Let us know down below.

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