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Horizon Zero Dawn TV series reportedly cancelled

Sony has been working to bring more of its video game IP to the silver screen. In recent years, we've seen games like Uncharted, Twisted Metal and The Last of Us all getting TV or film adaptations. It seems that Horizon Zero Dawn was set to be the next big game on that list, but production issues have reportedly led to the entire project being scrapped. 

According to Rolling Stone, employees at production company, The Umbrella Academy, have had repeated issues with showrunner, Steve Blackman, who has denied a number of claims, such as bullying on set. However, it seems the smoke here does lead to fire, as a follow-up report now claims that Blackman's projects are being cancelled, including a Horizon Zero Dawn TV series.

The show would apparently have been a prequel, set before the events of the first game, focusing in on the world's tribes, rather than following the events of the main games. The Horizon Zero Dawn series was one of two projects cancelled at The Umbrella Academy recently. The other was reportedly titled ‘Orbital' and would have been an original series.

The now seemingly cancelled Horizon Zero Dawn series would have been put on Netflix. It is unclear if Sony is working to find a new partner for a Horizon-based show or film.

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KitGuru Says: Not much was known or announced officially about this project, so to hear that it has been cancelled before it even got off the ground is surprising. If you were hoping for a Horizon Zero Dawn film or TV adaptation, you will likely have to wait a few years longer after this. 

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