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Is VR ready for a competitive TV show?

With the consumer version of the Oculus Rift headset finally less than a year away, a lot of people are starting to get excited about its implications in many different fields of education and entertainment. One suggestion among many, is to bring that technology to the world of TV viewing, …

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Fashion media company to produce VR films

Yet another firm seems set to jump on to the virtual reality bandwagon as it rounds the next bend on its journey to consumer level hardware and experiences, and this time around its a fashion publisher. Conde Nast, the company behind magazines like Vogue and GQ, has announced that with …

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Xbox One and 360 are getting original TV shows

Microsoft has announced that starting in early 2014, its Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, will have access to their own unique, original content that won’t be available anywhere else initially. What those shows will be at the moment remain somewhat of a mystery, though we do know some things. …

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Did Apple nick the iPad concept from Knight Ridder in 1994?

Apple are seen as one of the pioneers in the technology industy often leading the way for other companies to follow. That’s what they say anyway, because many PC enthusiasts feel their products are overpriced, underpowered and for the posers among us. I actually quite like their products, but i …

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