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Netflix and Phish as another scam makes the rounds

Phishing scams are nothing new, with Netflix users having experienced plenty of attacks since the boom of the platform’s push into the digital market. It seems there is another one making the rounds, this time affecting both business and personal accounts. The attack comes in the form of an official …

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The Witcher is getting a Netflix series

Geralt of Rivia might be returning to our screens sooner than we thought as today it was announced that Netflix will be developing and producing a new TV series based on The Witcher. This new TV show will be based around the original Witcher novels,  with author Andrzej Sapkowski set to …

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You can now download Netflix shows for Offline viewing


Netflix users have been requesting an offline viewing feature for quite some time now and after plenty of consideration, the streaming service has finally made it happen. Starting from today, Netflix will be getting an offline viewing mode, allowing subscribers to download certain shows and movies to watch later when …

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Netflix is stalling overseas: pricing and content blamed

Netflix might be a global powerhouse in the online streaming game, but its major success still lies in the U.S., where its content is richest and its pricing is competitive. Elsewhere in the world though, where that isn’t always the case, it’s growth is stuttering. Last week it was reported …

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It turns out IE and Edge are best for watching Netflix


These days, most people only use Internet Explorer/Edge to download another web browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox. However, it turns out that Microsoft’s browsers are actually pretty good for Netflix, being the only ones to offer full 1080p streaming on PC. If you have been watching Netflix on Chrome and …

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As Disney Infinity dies, Skylanders doubles down with TV show

Earlier this year Disney made the surprising move to end the game development branch of its business. That meant the incredibly popular and profitable Disney Infinity is also set to be shut down. Rival mixed reality game series Skylanders however, is gunning hard to pick up the leftover audience, with …

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Netflix HQ besieged by anti-VPN-blocking van advert

In an effort to hammer home to Netflix how much it dislikes geoblocking and the streaming service’s crackdown on people getting around it using virtual private networks (VPNs), pro-privacy campaigners at OpenMedia, have been driving a truck around Netflix’s headquarters, protesting the move. The van in question features a large …

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