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Sony has managed to sell 1 million PSVR headsets


It looks like Sony’s efforts to bring virtual reality to consoles has been paying off as more than one million PlayStation VR headsets have been sold since launch back in October, despite the lack of big game launches outside of Farpoint and Resident Evil VII. The new milestone was reached …

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Japan to get creepy, Nier Automota PS4 to celebrate launch

To celebrate the upcoming launch of action adventure game, Nier: Automota, Sony is launching a special edition of its PlayStation 4 console with a creepy looking cover. The large, smiling, moon face covers one whole side panel of the console and comes with a downloadable wallpaper to make the carpet …

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Sony is closing down one of its UK studios


It looks like Microsoft isn’t the only bearer of bad news this week as it turns out that Sony has made the decision to close down Guerrilla Cambridge, the UK branch of Guerrilla Games as part of a restructuring of its European studios. All of the employees will be laid …

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Sony wants to jump back into mobile gaming


When it comes to mobile gaming, Sony’s efforts have been hit and miss. The PS Vita handheld rarely gets any attention these days and as far as smartphone games go, Sony actually shut down its PlayStation Mobile division last year to help cut costs. However, with Nintendo starting to succeed …

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All PS4s to receive HDR update


While the PS4 Pro is Sony’s biggest announcement in recent months, it did reveal a minor detail during the debut of that generation-and-a-half system: that all PS4s would soon support HDR lighting. It will come as part of a firmware update in the near future, presumably around the November launch …

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PS4 Slim teardown gives closer look at shrunk hardware

The PlayStation 4 Slim leaked a few weeks ago now and despite the mountain of evidence, there are still those who don’t beleive that the leaked console is real. Some think its 3D-printed, others think it is possibly an early prototype rather than the final product. However, another peice of …

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Sony has now shipped 43.5 million PS4s


While Sony has been struggling in other areas recently, the company has been able to rely on its PlayStation division for profit, which is now responsible for 58 percent of Sony’s operating income. Besides that, the PS4 has now passed another milestone with 43.5 million consoles shipped. This is according …

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SWIFT bank hackers may be linked to 2014 Sony hack

The hackers behind the recent attack on a Bangladeshi bank that saw over $81 million siphoned away, may have also been responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony’s servers, which has previously been blamed on North Korea. The anti-malware company behind this latest claim, also believes the group was behind …

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