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Sony is suing over jailbroken PS4 sales

The current generation of consoles from both Microsoft and Sony have been relatively well shielded from piracy over the last few years. However, over the course of this year, hackers have managed to chip away at the PS4’s armour, with jailbreaks now available for certain PS4 firmware versions. One particular …

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Bethesda reveals that Fallout 76 still won’t have cross-platform play despite Sony’s change of heart

While Bethesda fought for cross-platform play within The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the firm stated that Sony’s unhelpful policy against the practice blocked the feature from being included within Fallout 76. Following the surprise announcement that Sony had re-evaluated its stance on cross-platform play, fans are disappointed to find out that …

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Sony is axing production of physical PS Vita games

Sony’s PlayStation Vita had a hard time since its original 2012 Western release, kept alive by its many indie releases and JRPGs. Unfortunately, it’s time has now come with the company ending the production of its physical Vita titles by March 31st 2019. Sony’s American and European branches reached out …

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