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Sony reportedly working on PS3 emulator

In recent generations Sony has fallen behind Microsoft when it comes to backwards compatibility. This has slowly been changing with the console manufacturer recently launching revamped PS2/PSP emulators for the PS5. Though it seemed like it would never happen, according to one insider Sony is working on a PS3 emulator.

As reported by known leaker Jeff Grubb, in discussing recent rumours claiming that Sony might be working on their own PS3 emulator for the PS5, Grubb had this to say:

“It's something that I've heard has been in the works for quite some time. I thought it was going to get revealed earlier this year when I first heard about it. That clearly didn't happen, but that doesn't mean it will never happen—maybe it does.”

Due to the unique design and architectural decisions made during the creation of PS3, emulating the console has been tough for Sony, with them resorting to cloud streaming as the primary way to play games from the 7th generation.

It seems this may soon no longer be the case. Considering just how many PS3 games still haven’t found their way onto the PS4/5, the announcement of a PS3 emulator for current-gen consoles would be a major win.

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