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Sony finally bringing PlayStation Stars back online after month-long outage

Earlier this week, a viral tweet pointed out that Sony's latest rewards program, PlayStation Stars, has been offline for over a month, longer than the massive PSN outage of 2011. This had all gone by without any updates from Sony. The company has been quick to take notice and is finally working to bring the service back online.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Rewards on Xbox, then PlayStation Stars would be the most direct equivalent. Gamers earn points via game purchases and by completing certain activities. Those points can then be traded in for PlayStation Store credit, a selection of full games, or other benefits.

On the PlayStation Stars website, Sony has now offered a long overdue update on the rewards program, with a new notice added to the homepage saying: “PlayStation Stars will be returning soon in phased regional rollouts. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back.”

We still don't know what knocked PlayStation Stars offline in the first place, nor do we know why it has taken so long to bring back online. Considering the timing of this immediately follows on from a viral social media post, I have to wonder if someone at Sony just forgot about it. The program isn't back online yet here in the UK, but it is apparently returning to a functional state in other parts of the world, so it should be back up any day now.

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KitGuru Says: I've used PlayStation Stars on a few occasions to claim PSN Store credit but I have often found it easier to earn points on Xbox's rewards program. Do any of you use PlayStation Stars at all?

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