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Battlefield 2042’s Dead Space crossover event kicks off next week

The Battlefield 2042 team has unveiled a new, one-of-a-kind surprise collaboration: a crossover with the iconic sci-fi horror game, Dead Space. As part of the crossover, there will be a new limited-time event for players to try out in Battlefield 2042.

The new mode, titled ‘Outbreak', will have squads of four players taking on hordes of infected while trying to escape the Boreas laboratory.

This crossover event comes at an odd time, as DICE just announced plans to wind down development on Battlefield 2042 and ramp up production on the next game. Additionally, we also learned earlier this year that EA ‘passed' on a pitch for a new Dead Space game following on from the 2023 remake. Still, it is nice to see EA putting the IP to use somewhere.

By playing the limited-time game mode, players can earn free rewards, but if you want the big items, which include a Dead Space themed outfit and three legendary weapon skins, then you'll need to fork out for 2200 Battlefield Coins to pick up the Dead Space bundle.

The Outbreak mode will be playable from the 9th of July until the 16th.

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