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Star Wars Outlaws has gone Gold

Star Wars Outlaws is the next major game from Ubisoft, taking fans of the franchise for the first time to an open world consisting of Tatooine, Cantonica, Toshara and more. Ahead of the game’s official launch on the 30th of August, Star Wars Outlaws has reached a major developmental milestone – having now gone Gold.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Star Wars Outlaws page shared the following: “#StarWarsOutlaws has gone gold! Our team can't wait for you to start exploring the Outer Rim and living the life of a scoundrel – August 30 can't come soon enough!”

For the uninitiated, ‘Going Gold’ means that the Star Wars Outlaws master disc has been submitted to the game’s publisher: Ubisoft. Following the submission of the gold master, discs can be pressed with finalised software and digital storefronts can upload the 1.0 version of the game ready for release.

It’s a process that every game in development goes through, and means that (aside from post-launch patches) Star Wars Outlaws should be complete and ready to play.

While Ubisoft games have a tendency to be delayed quite a bit, the fact that Outlaws has gone gold is a strong indicator that come the 30th of August, you will indeed have the game in your hands.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for Star Wars Outlaws? Do you think the game will launch in a solid state? What’s been your favourite Star Wars game in recent years? Let us know down below.

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