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Even Bill Gates couldn’t afford his own Death Star


If you have ever pondered after watching a Star Wars film  ‘I wonder how much it would cost to build my own Death Star!?’ – we now have the answer. British party site Twizzle has created a demographic that explains just how much it would cost to create the incredible …

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George Lucas seems at odds with new Star Wars movie

Nobody expected the sale of the Star Wars franchise to Disney to sit easy with original creator George Lucas. Letting go of anything you’ve worked on for decades is always supposed to be a difficult parting, but in an interview conducted with talk show host Charlie Rose, Lucas seems a …

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Star Wars 1313 might not be dead yet

Star Wars 1313 was a game with a lot of promise and potential surrounding it, particularly since it was set to be one of the few games to centre around a bounty hunter, rather than the on-going Jedi VS Sith battle. Unfortunately, when Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, LucasArts …

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EA denies reports of low Battlefront sales

Recently, Gamestop suggested that sales of Star Wars: Battlefront fell “short of expectations”, which may have been true for the brick and mortar store chain but EA’s Peter Moore claims that from the publisher’s view, Battlefront is far from the sales flop that some are currently suggesting, though exact sales …

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