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New mod turns Helldivers 2 into Star Wars: Battlefront

Helldivers 2 has already had a certain amount of Star Wars flavour embedded into it, but modders are looking to take that to a new level. A new mod revealed this week aims to turn Helldivers into Star Wars: Battlefront, with various assets replaced with new ones from the Star Wars universe.

The modder behind the project, who goes by the name of ToastedShoes, shared a gameplay video on YouTube earlier this week, showcasing the mod in action. The video shows the player and their squad wearing clone trooper armour from the prequel trilogy, fighting against various droid enemies. The mod also changes the player ships to star destroyers to increase the Star Wars vibe.

According to ToastedShoes, the mod is not ready for release yet, as it still has some bugs and compatibility issues with some planets and difficulty levels. However, he said he plans to make the mod available to download once it is finished and stable.

While the mod looks fun, it also raises some legal questions. Helldivers 2 is not designed to be a mod-friendly game, as it requires an online connection and has an anti-cheat system. Installing mods could potentially lead to bans for players. On top of that, Disney may take issue with the mod due to it being unlicensed. As Helldivers 2 is one of the most popular games of 2024, it wouldn't surprise me if Disney did take notice of this mod and made efforts to shut it down before being released to the public.

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KitGuru Says: Would you risk installing mods for Helldivers 2? Personally, I think the base game has enough Star Wars flavour inherently, without the need for extra tweaks, although I will admit it is very cool to see Star Destroyers and clone trooper armour in the game.

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