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Redbox Launches Digital Movie Service

For years, Redbox has been talking about launching a digital movie service to stay competitive with the dozens of streaming services already on the market. Finally, they’ve seen the writing on the wall, and the movie rental company has officially launched the service they’ve been talking about for years, but …

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Intel’s drones dance in new Disney light show

It turns out fireworks aren’t the only way to light up the sky at night – you can also use drone technology. That’s what Disney has been trialling in a new partnership with Intel’s new Shooting Star lightweight drones, creating a 300 strong choreographed performance called a Starbright Holidays light …

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Disney rumoured to be considering Twitter buyout


Disney may add Twitter to its list of acquisitions in recent years, joining the likes of Marvel and Star Wars, though if it did buy the social network, it would be a substantial purchase. Valued currently at $20 billion, such a buy would represent multiple years of net income, even …

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Disney and Apple are clashing over TV streaming service

It seems that Apple and Disney might be having issues negotiating which channels will be included in Apple’s upcoming TV streaming service. According to new reports, Apple wants to limit the number of Disney channels in order to keep costs down but Disney would rather Apple picked up most of …

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The Star Wars Humble Bundle is live

The Humble Bundle is back, this time offering up nine classic Star Wars titles, with the promise of more to be added over the next couple of weeks, all to raise money for charity. Pay what you want games include Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight Academy. Those …

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Pewdiepie has an iOS app now

If you didn’t think accessing the videos of the world’s most subscribed Youtuber Pewdiepie was easy enough before, now you can do so through his official iPhone app, which gives you access to his videos and lets you select your favourites in a pseudo-bro playlist. Developed in conjunction with Maker …

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Pixar might be making a Star Wars movie

Some fans of the company and of the movie series will no doubt find cause for concern in the report that Pixar may very well be making a Star Wars movie, but from Disney’s perspective, taking your still most well respected (mostly) studio and letting it go nuts on your …

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Disney abandons Star Wars 1313 trademark

What little hope we had left of seeing the Star Wars 1313 project come back to life is now gone as Disney has officially abandoned the trademark,an update on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website has revealed: “No Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice …

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