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The next Battlefield game is coming next year

DICE has recently been winding down on-going development for Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V, with those teams moving on to new projects. One such project will indeed be the next Battlefield, which should release next year. EA previously said that a new Battlefield would be coming in the …

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Battlefield 5 to return to military setting

Battlefield 5 is currently penciled in to release towards the end of 2016 but we are already starting to hear some details about the game. For example, it turns out that the upcoming title will bring the series back to its military roots, taking a step away from Battlefield Hardline’s approach, …

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Battlefield 5 may launch in 2016

According to recent reports from gaming industry analysts, EA is planning to launch Battlefield 5 in 2016. This way, DICE will have more time to work on its Battlefield 4 follow up while also giving Visceral Games plenty of time in the spotlight with Battlefield Hardline, which is due to …

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Can BF4 answer CoD Xbox One 720p questions?

For a few days now, the internet has been abuzz with claims that the next-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One, wouldn’t natively run at 1080p, but would instead run at 720p and then be upscaled the somewhat standard-these-days, HD resolution. As more information has come out, that …

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Project Reality will become a standalone title

Project Reality, a mod that took eight years of hard labour on various game engines to create, is now set to grow from a simple mod to a whole standalone title focusing on realism, immersion and teamwork. All too often those types of shooters end up being tactless affairs with …

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