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EA scraps Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has only been around for a short while and Battlefield Mobile only just recently began public testing. In a surprise move, it looks like EA has pulled the plug on both projects and it also appears to be shutting down one of its mobile development studios. 

Last night, EA announced that it is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile, in part due to struggles in delivering post-launch content. The publisher acknowledges that the game got off to a “strong start”, but the post-release content pipeline has “begun to fall short” in terms of “quality, quantity and cadence”.

It is worth noting that Respawn wasn't working on Apex Legends Mobile, instead, the bulk of the development work was contracted out to Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, which previously found success working on PUBG Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile will officially shut down on the 1st of May.

As for Battlefield Mobile, the publisher seemed to have high hopes for it, but following on from beta tests in late 2022, the publisher has decided to “pivot from the current direction” and as a result, the game is being scrapped. The studio behind it, Industrial Toys, is also shutting down.

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KitGuru Says: It would seem that EA is scaling back on its plans for ‘AAA' mobile games. For whatever reason, Apex Legends Mobile couldn't keep up with tough competition from the likes of Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile and other big name shooters. As for Battlefield Mobile, that game won't be seen through to launch. Did any of you try Battlefield Mobile in beta, or Apex Legends Mobile? What did you make of those games? 

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