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Nvidia might be planning an RTX 4090 Ti as well as a new RTX Titan

Rumours so far have treated the RTX 4090 Ti and the Titan as one GPU, but the latest reports suggest that's not the case. As it seems, these will be two separate graphics cards using different boards, but still with similar specifications, except for the memory.

When kopite7kimi shared the RTX 4090 Ti specs, we learned the RTX 4090 Ti would use a PG136 board like the RTX 4090 and 4080 cards. However, it has been heavily rumoured that Nvidia was working on a flagship GPU with a vertical PCB, meaning it would need to create a new board. According to the shipping manifests recently found on Volza (via Wccftech), that new board seems to be the PG137 (SKU0/330), suggesting the RTX 4090 Ti and Titan are actually two different GPUs.

Image credit: MEGAsizeGPU

Given the “EB2” naming in the “699-1G137-0000-EB2” code on the entry, this is supposedly an engineering board. Moreover, the “699-1G137-0000” part is the same as the code found on the I/O bracket of the cooler pictures leaked by MEGAsizeGPU, meaning the card seen in these photos is probably an RTX Titan Ada Founders Edition card. It's also worth mentioning that, unlike the card listed in the manifest, the code of the card on the photo ends with “TS1”, likely referring to a test sample.

The product description for the graphics card shipped from the US to India indicates the card will pack 48GB of GDDR6 instead of the GDDR6X memory used on other RTX 40 series cards. Other specs, like the 18,176 CUDA cores, 96MB of L2 cache, and 384-bit memory bus, will probably remain the same between the two. On the other hand, the TDP of the RTX Titan will likely be higher, closing in on 800W and forcing the card to use two PCIe 16-pin power connectors.

While these GPUs seem to be being tested behind closed doors, it is still unclear if Nvidia will push its massive Ada Titan graphics card through to release.

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KitGuru says: Do you think we'll ever see a new Titan card, or will Nvidia release the RTX 4090 Ti as the new flagship and call it a day?

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