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KitGuru Games: mClassic – an Upscaler for the Discerning Eye

With the rapid rate of technological progress over the decades, many older games no longer hold up to current day TVs and monitors both technically and technologically. In some instances, even modern systems are far behind the curve of video output, with a number of Nintendo Switch titles turning into a bit of a blurry/aliased mess when blown up on a big screen. This is where the mClassic comes in: a HDMI-based hardware upscaler offering “Real-Time Redrawing of Each and Every Pixel.”

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Steam now offering timed trials for games, starting with Dead Space

Steam has always been one of the most consumer-friendly platforms in gaming, with a relatively generous refund policy put in place for all potential purchases. That said, it seems as though Valve is testing out a new feature: free timed-trials for full releases. This can be seen with 2023’s Dead Space Remake – letting you now play the game for an hour and a half for free.

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EA Motive begins production on Iron Man game

EA's Motive studio had a slow start, beginning as a support studio on Battlefront 2 before spending some time working on its own IP, which was later cancelled. The studio had its first hit with Star Wars: Squadrons, and impressed us again this year with Dead Space Remake. Now, Motive …

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Dead Space Remake gameplay reveal coming in October

Dead Space Remake looked fantastic in the most recent teaser trailer. The game is now due for an early 2023 release and according to reports, we'll be getting another gameplay reveal very soon.  According to Insider Gaming, EA Motive will be revealing more on Dead Space Remake in ‘mid October'. …

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