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It looks like the Dead Space Remake will include an alternate ending

EA's Dead Space Remake is shaping up to be a hit, delivering a modern retelling of the original game with improvements to gameplay and a huge graphical overhaul. As it turns out, there will be one surprise change in the remake with the addition of an alternate ending. 

While the development team has not confirmed any changes to the game's ending, the full trophy/achievement list has now been posted online via Exophase, and one of these achievements is awarded after seeing “the alternative ending on any difficulty mode”.

This is interesting, as it opens the door to a couple of different possibilities. While Dead Space 1 offered an excellent, self-contained story, the sequels, particularly Dead Space 3, weren't as popular. With the addition of an alternate ending, EA could be setting up for a new set of Dead Space sequels set after the first game, turning this remake into something of a reboot.

A more likely scenario is that this alternate ending is just a fun easter egg, similar to Far Cry 4's secret ending, which you can stumble across less than ten minutes into the game.

Dead Space Remake will launch on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 on the 27th of January.

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