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Rumour: AMD to launch Zen on 17th Jan with $300 price tag


January is approaching fast, which means we are very close to AMD’s rumoured Zen launch. We have seen little pieces of information about AMD’s upcoming 8 Core/16 Thread CPU over the last few months and this week, one of AMD’s Chinese partners, MAXSUN, reportedly let it slip that we may …

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Wang returns in Shadow Warrior 2 this October


Shadow Warrior may have started out as a classic 90’s shooter but back in 2013 the IP was picked back up and transformed into an excellent modern title, starring Lo Wang as he battles evil forces with a deadly combination of swords, guns and demonic powers. Now this October, things are …

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Dishonoured 2 is releasing in November

Bethesda had a packed conference at E3 last year, not only did we get a better look at DOOM and the announcement of Fallout 4, but Dishonoured 2 was also unveiled and now, the game has a release date. The sequel will see players take on the role of either …

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The Overwatch closed beta ends next week

Blizzard is finally on the final steps on the road to the launch of Overwatch. The game was announced way back in 2014 and since then, quite a few people have had a chance to see the game for themselves thanks to the lengthy closed beta, which finally ends next …

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