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Monster Hunter Wilds might not be releasing in Q1 2025 after all

Capcom has made a habit of dominating the early-year release window. Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Dragon's Dogma 2 have all been Q1 releases. An apparent recent leak claimed that Capcom would be looking to repeat this again next year with Monster Hunter Wilds, but unfortunately, the leak was fake. 

Fake screenshots shared claiming to show a conversation on the Dusk Golem Discord server, claimed that Capcom was targeting a Q1 release window for Monster Hunter Wilds, which was announced late last year with a 2025 release window. However, Dusk Golem has since denied these claims, so we are no closer to knowing exactly when Capcom plans to usher in the next generation Monster Hunter game.

While the game might not release quite that soon, the game is expected to be Capcom's most ambitious game to date, with a full open world and other changes. Like Monster Hunter World back in 2018, Monster Hunter Wilds will be the next mainline game, targeting PCs and current-gen consoles with high-end graphics.

KitGuru Says: We only saw a brief teaser for Monster Hunter Wilds last year, so there is still plenty for Capcom to announce. We should learn more about the game this Summer. 

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