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Mass Effect 5 is being developed by original trilogy veterans

It is no secret that BioWare has been working on a new Mass Effect game for a while already. A small team has been in pre-production on the project for years and we have already seen multiple teasers. Long-time fans of the series have been pleased to learn recently that the new game is being made by veterans from the original trilogy. 

Long-time BioWare dev and current project director, Mike Gamble, recently confirmed to fans on Twitter that the Mass Effect 5 Creative Director, Game Director, Art Director and Executive Producer are all former developers from the original trilogy. It has long been rumoured that the next Mass Effect game would see the return of several original trilogy characters, as well as a return to the Milky Way, shifting away from the events of Andromeda.

Early teasers have shown an art style much more in-line with what we know from the original three Mass Effect games too. However, there is still much that we don't know yet and we are a long ways off from getting our hands on the game.

BioWare's main focus right now is Dragon Age Dreadwolf, which could release as soon as this year if things go well. After that, BioWare can think about shifting some resources around to ramp up towards production on the next Mass Effect game.

KitGuru Says: If Dragon Age Dreadwolf is coming out this year, then the next Mass Effect game could easily end up being around five years away, so despite early teasers and promising news updates, be prepared for a long wait. 

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