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Steam now offering timed trials for games, starting with Dead Space

Steam has always been one of the most consumer-friendly platforms in gaming, with a relatively generous refund policy put in place for all potential purchases. That said, it seems as though Valve is testing out a new feature: free timed-trials for full releases. This can be seen with 2023’s Dead Space Remake – letting you now play the game for an hour and a half for free.

As discovered by ResetEra user ‘Madjoki’ in going to the Dead Space Remake page on Steam, you can see a new section directly below the game screenshots which reveals that players can now download and play the game for up to an hour and a half completely risk free, and without needing to purchase and then possibly refund the title.

As mentioned, Steam’s refund policy is rather generous, but it can lead to situations in which players accidentally go beyond the refund window, meaning they are now stuck with a game they possibly do not like (or one which might not even work properly).

Offering a time trial is an excellent way to circumvent this issue and so hopefully this new initiative is expanded to all games on the platform and for longer. The Dead Space trial will be available until the 29th of May.

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