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Latest Starfield patch will do away with performance-tweaking mods in Creation Club

Bethesda has just begun rolling out the latest patch for Starfield but not everyone is thrilled with some of the changes this time around. A sudden change in policy for mods installed through the Creation Club is set to break a lot of saves.

The new Starfield update changes the type of mods allowed on the Creation Club. Moving forward, mods that make changes to .ini files will not be allowed, although modders will still be able to publish those mods elsewhere. This means mods that unlock frame rates, or enhance graphics settings will no longer be allowed on the cross-platform Creation Club, meaning Xbox users won't be able to install mods that make the game unstable on console. PC gamers are also under the same limitation as far as the Creation Club is concerned but most experienced modders are likely heading to Nexus Mods for their files anyway.

Bethesda does recognise the significance of this change, putting out a statement: “With today's update to the #Starfield CK, we are also removing the ability to upload Creations with altered ini files, since some altered ini files are resulting in more negative effects than the benefits for allowing this functionality, such as audio corruption on the Xbox. Removing this functionality will bring Creations in line with how they work on Skyrim. We are investigating ways to address active Starfield Creations from creators that alter ini files.”

This change has come with some negative comments asking Bethesda to change its mind. Some were using mods to unlock the frame rate on Xbox Series S for example. If these mods are indeed causing significant issues for console players, then Bethesda is unlikely to change its mind on allowing these mods on the Creation Club specifically.

KitGuru Says: Were any of you playing a modded version of Starfield on Xbox? 

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