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Twitter said to be in talks to sell entire company


Twitter may be in talks with a number of technology firms to see if it would be viable to sell off its entire social media platform. Although unconfirmed, Twitter has struggled with monetisation over the years and it’s not a move that would surprise many analysts. Reuters is reporting a …

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GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 shroud images posted online

The GPU Technology Conference kicks off next week and there are plenty of rumours surrounding what Nvidia might be bringing to the table. At the moment, there are rumours floating around suggesting that we may see the GTX 1080 in action and now, a week before the conference, images of …

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Update: Nintendo NX controller shots were fakes

Update: It turns out that the pictures that appeared online earlier this month of the rumoured Nintendo NX controller, have been confirmed as fakes by the person behind the posting. They even uploaded a video showing the creation of the 3D model used for the images and how they overlayed some of the …

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Nvidia may launch GTX 950 SE GPU in March

While Pascal is just a few months out, with current rumors pointing towards a launch during the second half of the year,  it looks like Nvidia could sneak in one more Maxwell GPU launch before then as a GTX 950 SE has been tipped to be arriving in March. Right …

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iPad Air 3 to have 4K screen, may launch in March

In October last year, Apple introduced the iPad Pro, giving the iPad Air 2 another year in the spotlight as the company’s leading 10-inch tablet. However, it looks like it could be replaced quite soon as supply chain sources are claiming that the iPad Air 3 could be coming as …

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 to launch in two sizes

If the last year or two have taught us anything about the way Samsung operates, it’s that we can expect a new flagship device announcement around March or April, so we can expect plenty of leaks and insider information to surface for the next few months, one of the first …

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The iPhone 6C will resemble an upgraded iPhone 5s

Apple is currently preparing to launch the iPhone 6C at some point in 2016. We’ve already heard a few details and rumours, including one prominent iTunes leak but now it looks like things are starting to take shape, as new reports claim the iPhone 6C will ditch plastic in favour …

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Apple may announce new Macbook Air at WWDC

We are quite a few months away from Apple’s next big event, known as the Worldwide Developer Conference, which takes place in June. However, we are already hearing some rumours surrounding Apple’s plans, which may include a new line of Macbook Air laptops. The Air has been a big part …

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Pepsi is making a line of smartphones

There are tons of companies out there that have attempted to jump in to the smartphone market, we’ve had Amazon try it, we’ve had Facebook try it and now Pepsi is making its own line of Android smartphones. Yes its own line… as in more than one. The Pepsi-made smartphone …

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