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Switch 2 will support Nvidia’s ‘ray reconstruction’ according to leaker

The leaks and rumours surrounding the all-but-confirmed Nintendo Switch 2 have begun to pile up, with new details dropping – making the successor to Nintendo’s most successful console sound a lot more interesting than initially thought. Alongside reports that the Switch 2 will support the likes of DLSS and Unreal Engine 5, a new leak claims that the Switch successor will even offer ray reconstruction.

In the latest episode of the Nate the Hate Podcast, the well-known industry insider spoke a great deal about the rumoured upcoming Switch 2. The podcast goes into news both old and new, but by far the most interesting claim came in the fact that according to Nate, The Switch 2 will support Nvidia’s ray reconstruction – allowing for the efficient use of ray-tracing features.

Currently, ray reconstruction is included as part of DLSS 3.5 which is limited to Nvidia’s RTX 40 series of GPUs, meaning only a select few PC players have the hardware required to utilise the technology.

For those who do have a 40 series GPU, ray reconstruction utilises “a new AI model that creates higher quality ray-traced images for intensive ray-traced games and apps”. If the Switch 2 does indeed end up using DLSS 3.5 and ray reconstruction, then we might see significantly greater improvements to the graphics and performance than previously thought.

According to records released as part of the FTC v Microsoft hearings, the Switch 2 is said to be roughly as powerful as the PlayStation 4. While this may be true, the fact that the next-gen console will support Nvidia’s bespoke technologies means that the final result will likely be much more impressive than what we saw with Sony’s 8th-gen console. Of course, this should all be taken with a pinch of salt for now, but if true, then the Switch 2 might be a lot more exciting than initially thought.

KitGuru says: What do you think of all the Switch 2 rumours? Do you believe it? Will the Switch 2 be more powerful than initially thought? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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