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Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail benchmark arrives with updated PC system requirements

Square Enix recently released the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail benchmark tool in anticipation of the upcoming expansion. This tool showcases the various graphical enhancements, including the introduction of AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS.  The graphical improvements are noticeable, with dynamic interaction with grass and foliage, enhanced ground textures, improved shadows, …

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Nvidia Reflex Analyzer comes to more peripherals

Over 500 games and apps now use RTX technologies, providing GeForce RTX graphics card owners with a better PC gaming experience. Every week, new blockbuster games and indie releases hit the market featuring DLSS, Reflex, and ray-traced effects, and this week is no different than the others. One of the …

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Microsoft DirectSR super resolution API will enable devs to easily implement DLSS, FSR, XeSS and other features

Currently, developers have to implement DLSS, FSR and XeSS separately, a situation that can sometimes lead to one of the three major GPU upscalers being left out of a game. Soon, Microsoft will simplify the process with DirectSR, allowing developers to easily enable multiple upscaling technologies from multiple vendors for broader support.

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Stormgate demo launches with DLSS 3

February has kicked off which means it is time for another Nvidia DLSS update. This week, there will be two new games getting DLSS updates. For starters, we have Stormgate, which features both DLSS 2 and DLSS 3. Stormgate managed to raise over $2.2 million in crowdfunding last year, making …

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Nvidia’s latest Game Ready driver adds support for RTX 4070 Super

Nvidia has released a new graphics driver to accompany the RTX 4070 Super launch. Besides adding support to the new graphics card, the new driver also brings game optimisations, new GeForce Experience Optimal settings profiles, and a few bug fixes. Alongside the launch of the new card, Nvidia is also celebrating Reflex being supported on over 100 games and the addition of DLSS support to four new titles.

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