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The Starfield DLSS beta is now live on Steam

Following on from an announcement last week, Bethesda has now released Starfield's DLSS update. The feature isn't available in the live game just yet, so you won't see it on the Game Pass version. However, if you opt into the Steam Beta, you can start using DLSS immediately. 

Starfield doesn't just support DLSS upscaling, it also now supports Nvidia Reflex, Frame Generation and DLAA. On a system with an RTX 4080, Starfield now runs at well over 100FPS, often hitting 144FPS in demanding cities like New Atlantis and Akila with maximum graphics settings, DLSS Quality mode and frame generation at 1440p resolution.

Bethesda is looking for feedback on its new feature implementations before pushing it to the live game to avoid breaking things for other players. If you already had a DLSS mod installed in Starfield, you will need to reset your config files to avoid the game crashing due to conflicts.

To access the Starfield Beta and get access to the latest patch, all you have to do is right-click on the game in your Steam library, head down to properties, open the Betas tab and then opt into the beta using the drop-down menu.

The update comes with a 2GB download, so it shouldn't take too long to install and get up and running.

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KitGuru Says: Starfield caught some flack for not supporting other upscaling methods at launch but Bethesda was quick to confirm plans to bring those features in and now, the wait is over. Have you tried DLSS in Starfield yet? How is it running for you?

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