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Starfield DLSS update rolls out to all users

Starfield's highly anticipated DLSS update has been available in beta form for a few weeks now for Steam owners of the game. As of last night, the update is no longer tied to the game's beta version and is rolling out to all users across Steam and other platforms like the PC Game Pass version. 

This week's Starfield patch introduces official DLSS integration. Not only do you get DLSS 2 upscaling for older GeForce RTX GPUs, but you also get DLSS 3 with Frame Generation for RTX 40 series graphics cards. This will allow anyone with an RTX 4060 or up to select Frame Generation and get a significant frame rate boost, at the cost of some added latency. In my personal experience playing the game with a mouse and keyboard on a 144Hz display at QHD with an RTX 4080, the latency gain is not particularly noticeable. Previous trouble spots like Akila's city centre, now run much smoother with frame rates well above 100FPS with Ultra settings and DLSS set to Quality mode.

While DLSS support is the headlining feature, this patch also makes plenty of other changes. For instance, there are a number of bug fixes, and additional optimisations have been made which as DigitalFoundry points out, bring a particularly noticeable boost for Nvidia GPUs, which were performing uncharacteristically worse than their Radeon counterparts. Bug fixes and other feature improvements are also heading to the Xbox version of the game, with the exception of Nvidia-specific features like DLSS and Reflex.

The full patch notes for Starfield's 1.8.86 update can be found HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Starfield's patch rollout has been somewhat slow but at least we know Bethesda is taking the time to properly test everything. For PC users in particular, this can be a blessing too, as it means you won't have to worry about any mods breaking on a regular basis. 

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