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Nintendo begins taking down Steam Deck videos showcasing emulators

The Steam Deck has been out for a few days now and already, those new to Linux are beginning to discover the number of emulators available. Already, we're seeing videos showing users how to set up Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo console emulators on the Steam Deck and as you would expect, Nintendo is swiftly trying to supress this information. 

As reported by Game Rant, Nintendo has begun issuing DMCA takedowns to YouTube channels hosting videos that show Nintendo console emulators, like Dolphin and Yuzu, running on the Steam Deck. Some of the videos affected would show games like Super Mario Galaxy running on Valve's new handheld PC.

Since videos showcasing Xbox and PlayStation emulators have been unaffected so far, it seems that Nintendo is the only console maker pursuing these video takedowns. Most of these emulators are available from the Discover app store, which comes freely available on the Steam Deck when using it in desktop mode.

At its core, the Steam Deck is a Linux PC, with access to all the other software that Linux has to offer, although Valve intends for users to operate it more like a games console, which is why so much effort went into redesigning the Steam UI for the system.

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KitGuru Says: Well if you didn't know about the Steam Deck's emulation abilities before, you do now. Did any of you pre-order a Steam Deck? Will you just be using it for Steam games, or do you plan on trying out emulators as well? 

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