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Babylon’s Fall flops on PC, branded a ‘cash grab’ by Steam reviews

After several delays, PlatinumGames and Square Enix officially launched Babylon's Fall today – Platinum's first attempt at a live-service style game. Unfortunately, the game appears to be a flop on PC, with launch player numbers barely scraping past 1,000 concurrents. 

There has been some concern for Babylon's Fall for a while now, particularly after recent gameplay showcases. The game's high £94.99 price tag for the deluxe edition and premium currency microtransactions also set off alarm bells leading up to release.

At launch, Babylon's Fall has only managed to round up 1,188 concurrent players at its peak, with 906 players currently in the game right now, according to SteamDB's figures. Another sign that the game has not sold well is the number of reviews on the Steam Store page. At the moment, Babylon's Fall only has 75 total reviews on Steam, whereas many major releases will end up with thousands of reviews on launch day.

Currently, Babylon's Fall carries a ‘mixed' overall rating on Steam, with many calling the game a “cash grab” and pointing out the many “free to play” game elements that have snuck their way into a full-priced product. Square Enix has been a little crazy when it comes to game pricing recently, and it seems the publisher's desire to break into the live service genre may have squandered another game's potential.

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KitGuru Says: There are some that have been waiting years for Babylon's Fall and now, it appears to have flopped right out of the gate. Were any of you planning on picking this up? 

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