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Samsung is using two different cameras on certain Galaxy S6 devices

Samsung is on its way to becoming the top choice for those looking to get an Android flagship this year thanks to the highly praised Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. You could argue that the critical success of the device is partially down to the camera but as it turns out, Samsung is using two different imaging sensors on certain Galaxy S6 models.

This means that not all Galaxy S6 handsets use the same camera. Some of them use a Sony IMX240 imaging sensor while some others are using Samsung's home-made ISOCELL sensor. Sam Mobile has already done a side by side comparison of the two differing cameras, showing them to both be of the exact same quality.


Which camera sensor you get is not dependent on region or whether you buy the S6 or the S6 Edge, distribution appears to be random. As The Verge points out, it is likely that Samsung used two sensors of equal quality in order to bump up the inadequate supply as there were some issues when it came to manufacturing the Galaxy S6.

Samsung obviously has global quality standards in place for these imaging sensors so if you and your friend both own a Galaxy S6, it is unlikely that their handset will end up taking better pictures than yours or vice versa.

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KitGuru Says: This isn't really a problem or even a big deal but it is interesting to learn that occasionally manufacturers will use slightly different components in handsets in order to keep supply up. I do wonder how common this sort of practice is.

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