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Samsung might be working on a Galaxy camera

When you last used a digital camera you may have considered that the firmware they run on is often clunky, slow and generally just plain poor. Finding any specific setting is often unnerving and it appears that Samsung has realised this; they may be planning a Android powered camera. This comes after Polaroid announced a Android/digital camera mash-up earlier in the year at CES.

Expect something a tad more powerful if the Galaxy Camera trademark ever comes to fruition.

The Korean company has filed for a “Galaxy Camera” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with the product type listed as a camera or camcorder. Samsung already has a good foothold in the dedicated camera market so combining two of its two strongest product areas could well be a strong combination. Besides, who wouldn’t want an Android powered camera? It would sure be nice to have applications like Paper Camera available.

Kitguru says: Although the possible use of the “Galaxy” brand doesn’t make me certain it will be Android powered, I am all for smart-cameras!

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  • Daniel

    Touch-screen-only cameras are pretty hideous and have all thus far failed in the market. God knows some of us have been screaming about the antiquated, illogical rubbish that passes for a UI on digital cameras, but you really need to look at a hybrid.
    Still, I’m glad Samsung are moving forward, they should have started to integrate their range years ago. Instead of making parts for Apple (Turkeys vote for Xmas), they could and should have had their TVs, cameras, tablets and media players integrated already. How hard is it for a manufacturer to realise that we want devices that can shoot and store stills/video, store and play music, and can be dumped into a docking port on our widescreen or hi-fi (which really should be the same device), which is linked to our computer and remotely controlled from our tablet, and allow us to play through our media collection without any wires or pfaffing around. Yet walk into the Samsung store on TCR and all the sections are completely separate, as if they don’t want any of their products contaminating the other. Sadly, I suspect Apple are the only people who understand this, and the lack of competition mean they’re moving painfully slowly.

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