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Bitdefender shows off top AV award at Distree

While defending your home is the realm of gun clubs, martial artists and the chaps from Yale, protecting your bits requires a different set of tools entirely. KitGuru caught up with one happy chappy over at Distree in Monte Carlo. He was holding something large in the air, smiling and asking our associate to take a closer look. Enter the zoom feature of the DSLR.

While the world plus dog gets ever more annoyed with the pre-installed bloatware that seems to accompany every PC we buy these days, most of the AV options seem to centre around Norton and McAfee. KitGuru’s guess is that their presence on your desktop has a little less to do with their ability to keep your PC virus free, and a little more to do with the commission payments being made to your system builder for getting you to sign up on some kind of contract.

While not as famous in its own right as McAfee or Norton, BitDefender not only produces its own engine, but it also provides the underlying technology for several other companies, including F-Secure and Bullguard.

So how good is it?

Well, according to the extremely large certificate that Khalid was holding up and inviting everyone at Distree to sign, it seems to have picked up AV-Test.org‘s top award for last year. Impressive stuff. Remember, this award means that Bitdefender not only beat Norton and McAfee, it also kicked Kaspersky’s butt and handed out a slapping to ESET.


In black and white (and a few other colours) we have the detail of Bitdefender's victory

Khalid’s role is business development and we guess, from this award, his life has just become a little easier.

If you think your AV solution is no longer up to standard and you want to try ‘the best’, then click here.

And, before you ask, ‘No – we are not on commission’ 🙂

Happy chappy Khalid waves his pride and joy in the air

KitGuru says: Just goes to show that you cannot rest on your laurels in life – and certainly not in the highly competitive world of Anti-Virus software. We can’t remember anyone suggesting that Norton or McAfee were serious products for protecting your machine – they are aimed more at the ‘comfort factor’, but Kaspersky and ESET are a different matter. These chaps make or break the market based on reputation – so getting kicked in the nuts by Bitdefender will almost certainly spur them on.

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