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VTX3D sharpens pricing – opens new channels

While the experts can argue all day long over whether the UK will buy more or less than 600,000 graphic cards in 2012, one thing is for certain: The proportion of cards bought from each of the main manufacturers WILL change. With stories on the new Radeon 77xx everywhere, KitGuru …

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Epic Gear range launched by Geil

The Distree event in Monte Carlo brings well over 100 of the world's most famous brands together, so they can show off their latest ideas to the regions biggest buying operations. While one of our associates was speaking with Hank Cheng from Geil about SSDs, he also enquired about ‘other …

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Geil prepares to enter the SSD market

While Intel and OCZ have certainly pioneered the introduction of SSD to both corporates and enthusiasts, the market itself is expanding rapidly and we're seeing many more companies interested in creating a brand in this area. Over at major international technology event, Distree, Hank Cheng was keen to explain Geil's …

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Bitdefender shows off top AV award at Distree

While defending your home is the realm of gun clubs, martial artists and the chaps from Yale, protecting your bits requires a different set of tools entirely. KitGuru caught up with one happy chappy over at Distree in Monte Carlo. He was holding something large in the air, smiling and …

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Kaspersky security violated by old hack

Despite the fact that Kaspersky has been dealing with threats for more than 13 years, KitGuru spies have smuggled footage to HQ which proves categorically that its security was completely exposed by one of the oldest hacks we know. KitGuru dons night vision goggles to explain. Kaspersky is arguably the …

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Distree kicks off in Monte Carlo

While trade shows like CeBIT have been dying a slow death over the past 5 years, some trade shows are absolutely booming. Basically, it comes down to what is being shown, who the audience is and how does anyone make money. KitGuru dons sun block (optimistically) and investigates. Distree XXL …

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