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Epic Gear range launched by Geil

The Distree event in Monte Carlo brings well over 100 of the world's most famous brands together, so they can show off their latest ideas to the regions biggest buying operations. While one of our associates was speaking with Hank Cheng from Geil about SSDs, he also enquired about ‘other new products' that Geil is working on. That's when it got really interesting. Game on.

The owner of one of the world's biggest power supply companies once told us, “Problem is, the damn things are too good. Customers use them for years. They don't buy another one. That's terrible for business. Keyboards and mice are much better. People always want to change, to get a new one. Now that's a great business to be in”.

Geil's Hank Cheng could not agree more. To help drive his company's revenues and profitability, he has helped create a new sub-brand called ‘Epic Gear‘. Geil has been working with the most famous mouse and keyboard factories in China to create something new and a little different for the pro class gamer.

“We wanted to bring something new to the market, not just another mouse”, said Cheng. “Our Meduza Mouse has double sensors”.

OK, that sounds different. But what are these sensors for?

Cheng explained, “We have one optical sensor and one laser. Combined, these give amazingly accurate results – the kind of tracking that professional class gamers will be looking for”.

“There are times when you want lightning fast speed, so you can switch to laser mode and get over 6000 dpi – but other times you might want the extremely stable precision of an optical system. With Epic Gear from Geil, you have the choice”, said Cheng. “We also have a 3rd more which combined the two sensors into one, unique solution. We call that HOST”.

The 7-button device itself is full programmable and has an integrated ARM Cortex 32-bit processor as well as 128kb of memory to help you store up to 5 gaming profiles.

Geil will be in position to launch this new range of products around CeBIT.

Geil's marketing guru, Hank Cheng, with his brand new Meduza mouse (Epic Gear range). He's a big dude & serious about gaming.

KitGuru says: The gaming accessory market is extremely competitive, but people like change, they want options – and they certainly love innovation. If you're tired of having the same Razer logo-ed mouse as all your mates, might be worth looking at new options in March.

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