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Familiar, Windows-like operating system, full feature set, multiple applications and mobile communications ability are all great, but which is best for you? KitGuru investigates.

Samsung frees up $900 million by selling minor share holdings


Samsung Electronics has generated close to $900 (£690) million by selling small share holdings it has in various companies. Purportedly the reasoning is to help generate investment funds for the core business, which will help consolidate Samsung’s efforts into its major earning divisions. Companies that Samsung sold shares for includes …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to come with 6GB of RAM

While the Galaxy S7 is set to be announced this week, that doesn’t mean that we should forget about what’s ahead. This week, rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 6 began to circulate, suggesting that it might just be the first smartphone in the world to pack in a massive 6GB …

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Intel buys assets of Via Telecom

Via Technologies, a developer of low-cost computer platforms, has announced that it had sold part of its telecommunication assets to Intel Corp. The two companies revealed no details about the deal, but it looks like Intel got various patents related to telecommunication technologies. Via Technologies and Intel reached agreement on …

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Intel, partners to finalize universal stylus standard in December

Intel Corp. and its partners from the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) plan to finalize the first specification of an active stylus compatible with a variety of devices already this December. The first products featuring the USI 1.0 standard are expected to become available already in late 2015 or early 2016. Different …

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Allwinner could merge with Rockchip to create another major Chinese chip designer

Allwinner Technology, the company primarily known for its ultra-cheap application processors for entry-level smartphones and tablets, may become a major chip design house in China, if it acquires Rockchip Electronics using money provided by the Chinese government. Last year the government of China announced intention to invest about a trillion …

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Qualcomm to cut jobs and costs, mulls to split itself

Qualcomm, the world’s largest supplier of application processors for smartphones and other portable electronics, on Wednesday announced a strategic realignment plan, under which the company plans to cut-down its costs, reduce headcount and consider spinning off its technology licensing business. Qualcomm plans to implement a cost reduction action to reduce …

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GlobalFoundries introduces 22nm FD-SOI process technologies

GlobalFoundries on Monday introduced a family of fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) manufacturing technologies designed for customers seeking high performance and low design costs. The new fabrication processes promise to deliver performance of next-generation technologies with FinFET transistors, but at costs comparable to those of existing processes. GlobalFoundries calls its new family …

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