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Space X shows off mass-rocket production

Space X is ramping up production of its Falcon 9 rocket and to prove it, it showcased an image on its Instagram account of as many as five of the iconic boosters currently being constructed at its facilities. This comes just a few weeks after Space X COO, Gwynne Shotwell, …

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be quiet! Advent Calendar giveaways are in full swing

Every year a lot of companies – ourselves included – give away some great prizes to loyal fans around the Christmas period, and be quiet! is one of the most altruistic of the bunch. Once again it’s launched its advent calendar initiative, giving away great gear every week. This week it’s …

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U.S. considering sanctioning Russia and China over hacking

The United States is said to be considering applying sanctions to both Russia and Chinese individuals and companies for conducting aggressive hacking attempts against U.S. targets, according to several unnamed U.S. officials. While no decision has been made one way or another just yet, they claim that the Obama administration …

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Oculus buys another hand tracking tech firm

Oculus VR made a big splash when it announced prior to E3 that it had developed its own hand tracking controllers, called Touch. It was a surprise too, since Oculus previously purchased a company called Nimble Sense, which used a camera system to track hands, rather than the control system Oculus …

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Netflix looking to hire peer to peer expert

Netflix could be looking to change its approach to streaming content, from its current model of handling the data transmission itself, to more of a crowd sourced model similar to that used by bit torrent and other peer to peer networking services. If it did move in that direction, it …

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Want to buy 50,000 Bitcoins?

Bitcoins sale

In a rare opportunity, thanks to the United States Marshals Service and Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame, you are now able to bid on 50,000 seized Bitcoins. These Bitcoins are currently worth around £7.7 million (or $11.9 million USD) and were seized from Ulbricht when the feds snatched his laptop away from him in a San …

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US is selling off Silk Road bitcoins

Back in 2013, the online, tor accessible drug marketplace Silk Road was shut down and its alleged owner, Ross Ulbricht arrested by the FBI and a collection of other policing organisations. On top of that though, the authorities seized around tens of thousands of bitcoins worth many millions of dollars. Yesterday …

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Instagram to start serving adverts in the UK

Facebook’s photo sharing side-project, Instagram, has announced that it will soon start serving adverts to UK visitors, as an expansion of the US launched ad campaign it began last year. Ads will, much like services like Twitter, come in the form of ‘sponsored’ posts and images, with companies like Starbucks, …

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Despite hacks, UK and China cosy up on digital security

Even though evidence is mounting of regular attacks on US, European and UK businesses and government offices, Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has been meeting with representatives of China’s liberation army to encourage communication between the two countries on digital security. The most recent hacking scandal to make headlines saw …

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