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Microsoft teases potential next-gen Xbox boot-up sequence

Though there is still much to know about the next generation of consoles, Microsoft has certainly begun to spin the wheels on its marketing for the Xbox Series X. Alongside the announcement of its 20/20 initiative, which will see new information revealed every month, the console manufacturer uploaded a short teaser video to its YouTube channel, which many have speculated may be the boot-up sequence for the Xbox Series X.

The 16-second video is titled “First-Look Xbox Series X Gameplay on Inside Xbox” and shows the Xbox logo fading into existence, accompanied by a pleasant sounding tune. Many fans have speculated that this video which has been devoid of context, may in fact be the boot-up sequence for Microsoft’s upcoming console.

This suggestion is backed up by the fact that the description reads “Boot up a new episode of Inside Xbox this Thursday, May 7 @8am PT for a first look at gameplay from our partners for the Xbox Series X..” Furthermore, eagle-eyed fans noticed that upon enabling captions on the video, the sound is described as being the “New Xbox Sound.”

With the recent reveal of the Xbox Series X logo via a trademark submission and now this, it seems as though Microsoft is looking to put great emphasis on the branding of its new consoles – making sure that fans, both casual and hardcore, know what the next generation of Microsoft consoles look, sound, and feel like.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this teaser video? Could it be the new Xbox boot-up sequence? What’s your favourite video game boot-up sequence? Let us know down below.

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