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Familiar, Windows-like operating system, full feature set, multiple applications and mobile communications ability are all great, but which is best for you? KitGuru investigates.

LG announces a new 3D smartphone, the Optimus 3D Max

While the LG Optimus 3D was not an overwhelming sucess when it was debuted last year it did open up a new market of smartphones, namely 3D smartphones. Now LG has announced the sucessor to the Optimus 3D claiming it is “real proof of LG’s commitment to portable 3D entertainment.” This successor will …

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Nvidia powered ZTE Mimosa X released

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE have announced their Mimosa X which is powered by Nvidia hardware. This is the first Android smartphone to use Nvidia technology for both applications processing and wireless communications since they took over wireless modem maker Icera in June last year. The attractive smartphone is powered by …

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Slow flash storage leads to slow smartphones

If I ran a poll asking our readers what features are most important to them when purchasing a new smartphone, I would be willing to bet the top three would be the display, chipset and the brand of phone. However researchers at NEC have found embedded flash memory modules and …

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Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 gets showcased ahead of MWC

Qualcomm’s next generation mobile chipset is known as Snapdragon S4 “Krait” and will integrate a quad core processor, a more advanced Adreno 225 GPU and LTE connectivity. This will be the first major new architecture in a couple of generations of Snapdragon chipsets. The new System on Chip from Qualcomm is …

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Nokia admits there is no Plan B if Windows Phone 7 flops

Windows Phone 7, the fairly capable mobile operating system is currently Microsoft’s only existing product in the mobile space. The same statement now appears as if it applies to Nokia as well. Recently Nokia Europe’s Senior Vice President, Victor Saeijs told a Swedish newspaper that there is no fall back …

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HTC to reveal flagship Endeavour at MWC

While many Android fans may be focused on the upcoming and reportedly delayed Samsung Galaxy S III we still cannot ignore HTC’s own smartphones. Their upcoming flagship is rumoured to be the HTC Endeavour (referred to as the Edge in this article) and is destined to be powered by Nvidia’s …

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Microsoft smartphone marketshare continues to decline

The launch of the latest Windows Phone 7 has not helped Microsoft regain any marketshare. In fact according to data released by ComScore it would appear that their marketshare has dropped by 38% since the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Informationweek writer Paul McDougall added “The last number …

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