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Microsoft smartphone marketshare continues to decline

The launch of the latest Windows Phone 7 has not helped Microsoft regain any marketshare. In fact according to data released by ComScore it would appear that their marketshare has dropped by 38% since the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Informationweek writer Paul McDougall added “The last number represents the first, full three-month period, as measured by Comscore, in which Windows Phone 7 devices were available–meaning Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market has fallen 38% (from 8% to 5.8%) since the Windows Phone 7 launch. That’s doubly troubling for Redmond, because the numbers also include Windows Mobile devices that are still in use. Actual sales are difficult to measure as Microsoft does not release such data.”

Microsoft have failed to gain any momentum in the smartphone sector and appear to be unwilling to release their sales figures. There are already rumours that partners may be looking to move to Android, especially as sales in the last month have been less than impressive according to sources. Microsoft are dropping their mobile market share at around 5% per month for the last six months.

In more positive news, Android is growing steadily, holding 40% of the market by the end of June. We would expect this to have risen even higher when the next industry analysis is released. Apple are holding steady with a healthy figure of 26.6%.

Microsoft seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on the Mango update which is due for release later this year. There are over 500 new features being added, including hardware acceleration and multitasking.

Kitguru says: Will it be too little too late? Should Microsoft bow out gracefully?

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