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Microsoft smartphone marketshare continues to decline

The launch of the latest Windows Phone 7 has not helped Microsoft regain any marketshare. In fact according to data released by ComScore it would appear that their marketshare has dropped by 38% since the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Informationweek writer Paul McDougall added “The last number …

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Microsoft patch Windows Phone 7 – properly this time

Microsoft have updated Windows Phone 7, and it looks as if nothing has gone wrong this time. After a disastrous Windows Phone 7 pre update which hosed a lot of Samsung phones, the new update should fix many of the niggling issues with the mobile platform. The ‘NoDo’ update features …

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Microsoft reissue Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft have re-released the update for Windows Phone 7, after an initial problem which caused some phones to brick. The update has fixed a plethora of back end issues and was originally released last month. It all seemed to be fine until reports started filtering in that Samsung phones were …

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Windows Phone 7 not good enough for tablets?

According to The Register – Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan surprisingly said that Phone 7 looks to be a poor choice for Tablets, prefering to focus on Windows 7 for this medium. “Windows 7 will provide a richer touch and applications experience and will be necessary on tablets.” he …

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