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Windows Phone 7 not good enough for tablets?

According to The Register – Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan surprisingly said that Phone 7 looks to be a poor choice for Tablets, prefering to focus on Windows 7 for this medium.

“Windows 7 will provide a richer touch and applications experience and will be necessary on tablets.” he said. According to the article Microsoft are trying to steer their partners away from embracing Phone 7 for this platform completely.

Greg Sullivan: Microsoft

According to Sullivan, Windows 7 has much stronger networking and printing capabilities and a more powerful driver stack which will make life much easier when the tablet needs to communicate with other devices. Many can’t see them using a full blown Windows 7 operating system for a Tablet however as the overhead would be quite high. This would mean they are surely thinking of a streamlined Windows 7 version just for Tablets. Three operating systems would put them in a rather confusing space with the general public.

As The Register say “Microsoft will focus on bringing a new low power version of its PC platform to market for tablets. What? Yet another operating system? They‘re all called Windows, but how much of the code base is the same, if any? This is an echo from the Netbook phase of its life, when it wanted to control licensing and developer costs by introducing a “starter edition” of Windows for netbooks.”

KitGuru says: Is this a good idea? Are they admitting already major limitations with Phone 7?

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