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11.6 inch Macbook Air to possibly hit this week – Core i5 and SSD

KitGuru has already reported on rumours that Apple could be preparing a new Macbook, but news just reached us this morning from Taipei that this machine could be released as soon as later this week.

This machine will be an 11.6 inch unit which contains a new form of storage instead of the 1.8 inch drive that was used in previous models.

This SSD Card is going to look like a normal memory stick, but will be pretty much impossible to replace. Apple have incorporated this to save on internal space as well as enhancing speed.

We have also heard that the new CPU will be a Core i5 processor which will offer much faster processing speeds to the last generation.

The new Macbook Air will be a similar design but slightly thicker at the back and has a slightly sharper design ethic.

As the model has yet to be offically announced there is obviously no pricing information available, but we think pricing might actually drop a little, even with the new technology. Apple need to remain competitive, especially as their iPad is driving sales into tablet sectors.

KitGuru says: The Macbook Air now faces stiff competition from the iPad. Ironic? We think so.

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