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Aerocool Strike-X Air Review

Today we are going to look at the Aerocool Strike-X Air which is a very innovative chassis, designed to appeal to those enthusiasts who spend a lot of time inside their PC and change hardware frequently.  It uses an open design, similar to a test bench, which features a large mesh cover …

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New MacBook air coming: Best Buy suspend orders

Kitguru reports earlier this month of a new MacBook Air update, seem to have been close as giant retailer Best Buy have put a hold on MacBook Air orders, which would indicate that Apple are about to release an updated version of the big selling laptop. According to information on …

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New MacBook Air models scheduled for end of June

Apple are releasing new MacBook Air models at the end of June. Our sources in Taipei are saying that the new machines will use the latest Sandybridge technology and will have the new Thunderbolt interface as well. Quanta Computer will be handling the main assembly procedure. Dynapack are dealing with …

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MacBook Air Solid State drives released by Toshiba

For those of you who have been following the news lately you will have seen that Apple's new MacBook Air uses a new SSD system. Toshiba have released a new series of drives for the laptops. The new Blade X Gale SSD series is now available for market sales and …

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Zardon hits 5GHz on air. N00bs: Look and despair

After spending the best part of a week clocking seven shades of super-charged-performance from the Intel 655k and 875k processors, life in the labs is moving back to normal. Looking back through all the work done, it seems that one JPG was not posted in any story – and we’d …

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