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Zardon hits 5GHz on air. N00bs: Look and despair

After spending the best part of a week clocking seven shades of super-charged-performance from the Intel 655k and 875k processors, life in the labs is moving back to normal. Looking back through all the work done, it seems that one JPG was not posted in any story – and we’d like to fix that now.

Although not stable enough to run a full suite of benchmarks, KitGuru was able to get the Intel Core i5 655k to boot at 5GHz, on air, and get through some basic tests.   5GHz Intel?   Nice!

We’ve never seen anything like it without exotic cooling so, just for the record, here’s the cool bit…

How can you be sure that you can clock processors to 5GHz? Simple, just look in the mirror. If you see something like Zardon's divine countenance staring back – then you know you can call upon the dark arts and set records for others to follow [Oh, Zardon's gonna love this. Now he's the CPU-Whisperer!  – Ed]…

Zardon: Sponsored by Oily of Ulay

To see ALL of the secrets of the Sith Lord, click here for the full 875/655 review.

Special thanks to Crucial for sending us over 6GB of their awesome Ballistic Tracer for this article.

KitGuru says: We’re old enough to remember Intel showing off a Pentium 4 running at 5GHz in a hermetically sealed chamber with all sorts of weird and wonderful cooling. While clock speed is not everything, and Conroe/Banias did a great job of changing the metrics used for success, pure speed still makes a big difference to performance…   so ‘roll on’ processors shipping at 5GHz stock!

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