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nVidia slashes prices and takes fight to AMD

We love a bit of argy-bargy at KitGuru. There’s nothing quite like a couple of multi-billion dollar corporations slugging it out, toe-to-toe, for market share. Right now, it looks like the winner is going to be you, the KitGuru reader. For our American cousins, argy-bargy is where everyone gets very …

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nVidia 655Ti rushed out to battle 7790

In life, people walk in a lot of different directions. It’s often said that a leader without followers is just a bloke taking a walk. You know you’re leading when you look over your shoulder and find that the next person is right behind you – taking the same steps/turns …

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Zardon hits 5GHz on air. N00bs: Look and despair

After spending the best part of a week clocking seven shades of super-charged-performance from the Intel 655k and 875k processors, life in the labs is moving back to normal. Looking back through all the work done, it seems that one JPG was not posted in any story – and we’d …

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Special K: Could Intel 655k hit under $200 trade ?

Intel has reacted very quickly to AMD’s highly overclockable Phenom II X6 processors, by prepping the launch of 2 hugely overclockable parts at the end of May. In this space, pricing will be crucial. Dubbed the Core i5 665 and Core i7 875, these new chips ship with their metaphorical …

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