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Special K: Could Intel 655k hit under $200 trade ?

Intel has reacted very quickly to AMD’s highly overclockable Phenom II X6 processors, by prepping the launch of 2 hugely overclockable parts at the end of May. In this space, pricing will be crucial.

Dubbed the Core i5 665 and Core i7 875, these new chips ship with their metaphorical pants around their ankles in overclocking terms, being completely open and ready for serious hardcore action.

Early reports from the KitGuru lab suggests that the glass ceiling of 4Ghz for their peers will be well and truly smashed.

Now we’re wondering if Intel can beat the magical distribution price of $200 for the 655k model.

KitGuru says: If the trade buy these 655 parts in at less than $200, then the street price could dip under £169 including vat. If that chip can be overclocked past 4.2Ghz, then it would create a serious new challenge for AMD’s Phenom II X6 processors. Roll on 30th May!

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