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SilverStone introduces the Argon V140 ARGB CPU cooler

SilverStone is expanding its CPU cooler lineup with the addition of the Argon V140 ARGB tower cooler. The new SilverStone cooler is compatible with various Intel and AMD sockets. The SilverStone Argon V140 ARGB CPU cooler will keep your CPU cool and quiet thanks to its 140mm ARGB fan and …

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Computex: Phanteks exposes the Enthoo Primo to KitGuru

Knocking Noctua off top spot was a tough ask. Many tried. Most failed. Phanteks succeeded in delivering a new ‘ultimate CPU cooling solution' and they deserve kudos for that. Now the Phanteks engineers have applied their digital kung-fu to the issue of creating the perfect chassis. In the VIP suite …

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Zardon hits 5GHz on air. N00bs: Look and despair

After spending the best part of a week clocking seven shades of super-charged-performance from the Intel 655k and 875k processors, life in the labs is moving back to normal. Looking back through all the work done, it seems that one JPG was not posted in any story – and we’d …

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