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Computex: Phanteks exposes the Enthoo Primo to KitGuru

Knocking Noctua off top spot was a tough ask. Many tried. Most failed. Phanteks succeeded in delivering a new ‘ultimate CPU cooling solution' and they deserve kudos for that. Now the Phanteks engineers have applied their digital kung-fu to the issue of creating the perfect chassis. In the VIP suite on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei, KitGuru was given a special preview.

If you saw the very cool video released recently by Phanteks and shown in our article here, then you are going to want one of these chassis.  In a special room, on top of the Grand Hyatt hotel, KitGuru got hands-on and a walk through tutorial on all of this chassis coolest features.

Phanteks really went to town with the new Enthoo Primo case, a full tower case with heaps of innovations to keep even the most pessimistic case-modding enthusiast a happy chappy for quite some time.

Phanteks product manager Boon Tuoh Khor showed us some of the more special features that make this case a noteworthy investment.
The Enthoo Luxe is off to the right of the shot above – we weren't allowed to show this case – yet.

If you are not a case-modding enthusiast nor looking for detailed specs on computer chassis, you will want to browse elsewhere about now. This is proper geek pr0n.

The case is black, it has a very elegant sliver of an LED light down the side (blue), which can be turned off, along with the LED lights in the two front mounted 140mm fans. Each area is optimized for cooling and almost every conceivable aspect, strut and bracket is movable, adjustable and replaceable.

There are special covers within for keeping the cables tidy, or alternatively can be removed to expose coloured, braided or light reflecting cables.

Adjustable brackets for water blocks, reservoirs and SSD’s are also available – catering for different sizes and models of air and water cooling solution – including standardized threaded holes for water cooling brackets so you don’t even have to fiddle with the bolts provided by the OEM.

To prevent unwanted thermal interference, there is a completely separate PSU zone (of which there are two bays), which keeps heat away – alongside some excellent cable management options, to keep unsightly cables from cluttering your case. The power supply is mounted on the ‘other side' of the case, out of sight.

Much of the case is held together with screws which allow enthusiasts to mod the case as they see fit – without having to resort to the faithful Dremel. This makes it stand out from the crowd as you can mod it over and over, rather than cut bits off of it.

As an added bonus, the Phanteks logo is removable and you can mount your own if you are so inclined – which could make it more appealing to local system builders, who often have to prise/steam off logos.

The coolest feature by far for me was the rubber press buttons for clamping 5.25” bay devices. It's hard to put into words, but this tiny feature actually makes the whole process of fitting drives feel… important. It's the kind of nice touch that only a hardcore engineering company would spend that much time getting absolutely right.

KitGuru says: We can't wait to take one of these chassis apart in the KitGuru Labs. The competition for top spot in any market is difficult to take, but it looks like Phanteks is after some market share – and the battle will be fun to watch.

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